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Stop Motion, Slow Motion, and They Might Be Giants

A little distraction… that combines three things I love. They Might be Giants have always been one of my favorites (they're one of two actual Fan Clubs I belong too). A great song and well-executed video.

Check out some more of the creative team (Hoku & Adam's) work

Photoshop Easter Egg — Bread & Coffee

I originally posted this over at Photofocus… be sure to check it out. Photofocus is the most comprehensive photo site on the web with daily news and a kick ass podcast (if I do say so myself).

Photoshop has a long history of tiny Easter Eggs hidden inside the app… little jokes left over by the programmers. There's a new one tied to the shades of the user interface. How dark are the elements around the screen?

Currently the chips look like this.

But you can change how they look…

  • Photoshop > Preferences > Interface... (Mac)
  • Edit > Preferences > Interface... (Windows)


You'll find the Easter Eggs this way
  • Shift + Opt + Cmd + click on a gray chip = Bread (Mac)
  • Shift + Alt + Ctrl + click on a gray chip = Bread (Windows)

or like Coffee…. just repeat the process and click again.



Head over to Photofocus for more, great resources.

How Rough is it Getting to Be a Filmmaker?

Freelance Filmmaking PSA from Matthew McDonald on Vimeo.


How Many of These Apple Gadgets Did You Own?

I enjoyed a great article over at MacLife magazine on 11 Apple gadgets that faded into history.

Have a
read, it's quite fun. I owned or used 7 of these at my jobs through the years…. How about you?


"All around Apple’s Cupertino campus there are people working on the Next Big Thing: it could be the iPhone 5 or an iPad 3, a proper Apple TV or a new kind of Mac. It may even be something you could never imagine. And that happens all day, every day. And it’s been going on since Apple was founded.

Of course, not all of the products Apple has come up with over the years have been successful. For every iPhone there’s been a G4 Cube. Or even a Flower Power iMac come to that. But it’s by experimenting with new ideas, coming up with different kinds of products, and learning from each failure that has made Apple the company it is today. It’s only by delving into its past that we can understand its present and future. As Apple proudly declared ahead of the iPhone’s launch in 2007: the first 30 years were just the beginning."

Keep reading it here –


The Future of CGI


Greatest Halloween Costume Ever (A Live Camera)

Making of the Camera Costume from Tyler Card on Vimeo.

Here's a great Halloween costume

Everything works from the LCD screen, built-in flash, and shutter release button.

This post sponsored by iStockphotoSave 10%Get a Free Audio Track

How the World Sees Copyright (Sort Of)

A humorous take on copyright law. I agree with the principles, but the implementation is awful.


A Tour of the Apple Factory (Humor)

Yes, it's funny and a little offensive. Yes, I love Apple and am counting the days until my new iPad 2 arrives. But if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at.


Photoshop Tutorial Rap

More filters than a T-Pain album.


Macdinked – Word of the Day

In my efforts to keep you a member of the techno-elite, I bring you a new tech word.

MACDINKED – verb: When a designer (or client) continues to tweak a project beyond an appropriate level because they are technologically capable of doing so.

This word was brought to my attention by my Dad (and yes... I felt slightly aghast that he was more plugged in). Feel free to comment or add your own.

I'd love to hear any other tech words that have popped up into modern vocabularies.


A Very Funny Cartoon for Video Editors


Thanks to the Onion for making me laugh.... You need to head over to their site and check out other great infographics.,7107/

The Real Way Zoom and Enhance Works

For those in the film, video, or photo industry – CLASSIC!


A Funny New Photoshop Video


Fun at Photoshop World

Here are a few pictures from the TweetUp. By the way... this is me cutting loose (in case you thought it was only about computers and stuff).


Bad Movie Poster Touchup

Gotta love when they decide a movie poster is too risqué. "Fixed" it on one part of the page, but not the other. Even take out some of the blood. I Spit On Your Grave.... which just screams for a remake due to its dramatic use of cinematic undertones and a compelling message of a woman's struggle. (WHY?)- Burn Hollywood.... Burn.


The Tragedy of Trajan

My Comic Sans post got me thinking.... about other over used fonts...

I must admit... I'm guilty of this one... Trajan.

Which is apparently the #1 font for movie posters.


The History of Comic Sans

This is a great short video about the history of Comic Sans and is told by the font's designer. It's really quite funny and he has a great sense of humor about it all.

And a little more followup.

Maybe I'll use it on a client project ;)

My Favorite New Geek Shirt

I just ordered this new shirt for my geek collection.... Couldn't resist. It spoke to my inner geek on two levels.

Fifteen dollars well spent –


If Video Games Were Real

A little morning pixels for your enjoyment... this is awesome work.

Pixels – by Patrick Jean


OK Go’s Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine

This is a great music video and engineering feat.

Plus check out this great article from Wired that goes behind the scenes.


We Got That B-Roll

This is a funny video (thanks to John Nack for pointing it out). For those not in the know, b-roll is typically stock footage that helps illustrate what a video project is about. It covers up the A-roll (or talking head and narration parts). For those in the video industry, you'll love the "That's not B-roll" line.


A Great Game for Typophiles

Here's a game to test your typographic knowledge – It's Cheese or Font?

Some Cool Holiday Animations

Two very cool animations for the holidays... enjoy!


Cats of Microsoft

In the truth is stranger than fiction category. I give your the Cats of Microsoft.

The URL only works on campus (it's an Intranet link).
Seems to be for a good cause... but I findly it very odd nonetheless.


Best Prize Ever

So last night, I attended a sneak peak preview session on PowerPoint 2010. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and what new features are going to be useful to my clients. I also won a "sweet" door prize.

I am open to ideas on how to use this shirt.

Here's a sneak peek on some of the new transition animations. Looks like video support is finally getting its due as well.


Scarves for Geeks

Billed as "functional neckwear," XUBÁZ™ [pronounced SHOE:BÁZ] offers an alternative to a jacket. The scarf-like accessory with six pockets and two straps to keep it in place. This thing looks seriously great for field shoots and photography where I need a place to keep some gear on a warm day. While the company promises to "add style to my wardrobe" (do I need it?) I'd just be happy to have more pockets and less sweat.

• Two upper pockets secured with flaps and snaps.
• Two “nested” pockets within the upper pockets.
• Two lower pockets with a zipper.

Two Funniest Videos Ever Made (About Type)


Music for Sharing with Kids: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

I often find myself working around my kids... which means we share things like music and television. Every once in a while you find something you don’t mind sharing with them, such as Jack’s Big Music Show or Chuck E. Cheese.

Today, we saw a great concert for kids... by a rapper called
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. The show was great (the rapper has a long career of doing alternative rap with Granola Funk Express).

We bought the
CD, checked out his MySpace page. Its nice to find music you can blast without teaching your kids words you’d rather not like. Perfect music for working on deadline or just a long car ride with the kids.

Standout tracks include
2 Gotta Be Me
Family Tree
The Bluegrasshopper


WALL-E Rocks – Two Great Mac Jokes

Just saw WALL-E with my son, and in typical Pixar fashion, it is awesome!

Two quick things I found hilarious for the Mac-Geeks out there.

First, there is a character in the film called Auto, who is an auto-pilot robot for the ship. The character’s voice is done by
Macintalk, the speech synthesizer included with the Mac back in 1984. It sounded familiar, and I confirmed it as the “actor credit” actually appears at the end of the film.

Second, there is a scene where WALL-E reboots... and yes, it is the Macintosh
startup chime that you hear. I found myself laughing out loud (and I think I was the only one within 20 rows of me who got the joke (geek!).


OT: Help Iowa Flood Victims & Listen to Great Music

My last home before Washington, DC was Des Moines, IA. A lot of friends and colleagues have been affected by devastating floods that most have overlooked. The short version, floods worse than Hurricane Katrina have been battering the Midwest... few have noticed.

One of my favorite bands, the Nadas, has an
online album to raise awareness and funds.

River Songs - Authentic Records' Flood Relief Benefit Bootleg

Contribute to United Way of Central Iowa's flood relief fund while reliving some of your favorite moments from Authentic Records Authentic Records' Flood Relief Benefit on Sunday, June 22. Please pay what you can for this exclusive download. All proceeds benefit United Way of Central Iowa.
1. Barkers Beauty - Fat Andy
2. Come Lay Down - She Swings, She Sways
3. Promise - Benjamin Wagner
4. The Friday Night Fight - Brother Trucker
5. Angels & Devils - Tony Bohnenkamp
6. Feel Like Home - The Nadas
7. Templeton Rye - The Nadas
8. The River - The Nadas

The download is free, but donations matter. Do what you can.

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New Multi-Touch Technology from Pixar?

Maybe you've heard about the iPhone and its multi-touch awareness? Pretty cool stuff... but why stop there? Touch technology is all the rage with both Apple and Microsoft getting in on the act. Well Pixar (owned by Steve Jobs) is joining the race.

I was shopping at Toys-R-Us with my three-year-old and we discovered the following new development in multi-touch technology.

Simple Motion Awareness for Children (SMAC) a new innovation in Children's Toys and Electronics. Interactivity for kids and hours of fun. Its awareness system can detect input from a child and responds with appropriate interactivity.

What will they think of next?

For Geeks with Bad Caffeine Habits

So what was in my stocking this morning? The perfect gift for someone who is frequently stuck next to a computer for long hours. A USB beverage cooler (no really.. I swear). Plug it in to a USB port and it dips to 45 degrees within seconds. Its perfect for chilling several cans of Coke Zero (I'm on a writing deadline you see).

The device works, doesn't seem to draw much power, and it runs silently. I know you're jealous, so if you're significant other didn't get you one, than stop over to and pick one up.


The Real Reason for Windows Vista Delay

While clearing off my cell phone camera, I came across this gem from Photoshop World. I had intended to sit down and watch a demo on Windows Vista (writing a book on PowerPoint makes you do strange things).

So I went to hear (and see the latest). But it seems that the Microsoft rep couldn't get the system to boot up using Windows Vista. The audience was good natured, but still after multiple reboots and attempts, it just wouldn't work). So, the unaltered photos you see here are what the audience got (at least the demo guy had a sense of humor).

So, has Vegas started taking odds on Apple vs. Windows as to who will get their operating system out the door first? What are your plans about Windows Vista?


Technology for the Masses – K-mart Goes Broadband

Tonight, I ended up in a K-mart (I was looking for a bin of Tinker Toys for my son Michael). My eye was caught by the promise of 'free high-speed internet access' (or acceso gratuito de alta velocidad a internet for K-mart's Spanish speaking customers). Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me.

1. Who exactly goes to K-mart with a laptop?

2. While they do have a snack-bar, could you really see yourself sitting down with a big tall ICEE (blue please) and telecommute?

3. Where did they dig up the dinosaur 'Application Center' terminal. This thing totally looks like a TRS (Trash) 80... If you know what I mean... please validate this inane post by leaving a comment.

Well, as a podcaster, I guess I should be glad that you can now get my latest episodes at K-mart. Be sure to stop into your “all-new” K-mart (now owned by Sears) and see what joys lie in-store for you.


Great Tee-Shirts for the Mac Oriented

I own a few geeky Mac shirts already. I've got my Mac Genius shirt with the logo from Apple‘s Genius Bar that is discontinued (this is close). My son has two shirts that say mini with an apple logo (back from the days of the iPod mini). My wife also found my favorite tech shirt that simply states RTFM (if you aren't sure what those letters mean...). Fortunately there's a new company in town. and the geeks can go even longer without doing their laundry. Insanely Great Tees has a preview site up and they look to have some good shirts when they launch.


iPod Vending Machine – For Real

While at the Ottawa Convention Center for the Podcasting and Portable Media Expo, I was quite surprised to see a large vending machine filled with electronics. Everything from iPods to PlayStation Portables stocked this machine. It was really pretty amazing. Swipe your credit card and you could be basic things like an iPod cable or laptop cable, to a 60GB video iPod. Prices were the same as retail in a store... so there was really no disadvantage to buying (although I imagine returns or exchanges would be tricky). And unlike that bag of M&Ms, they product does not fall to the ground (a robotic arm/magic elf gently moves the package from shelf to pickup bin).I am sure there are more of these out there... anyone ever buy from one?


New Design Tool for Slow Days

Looking for a new design tool? Well this probably is not it... but it is fun. The Official Seal Generator can create 'official-looking' seals in a flash. Enter your text then choose a border and an emblem. You can even customize colors. A simple click of the 'Go' button and an 'Official Seal' will be generated for you. If the presets don't do it for you, the author encourages you to make contact.

There's a ton of funny things like this made by the same group, be sure to check out
their site.


Stuck in a Creative Rut?

If you are having a bad creative day working on your clients latest ad... be sure to try out the online Advertising Slogan Generator. You type in a word and it spits out your latest soda catch phrase. Don't like the first result.. click again. It's a good way to waste some time and still feel like you're working.

Okay its silly.... but I like
surreal items. They make me think and smile. Be sure to check it out, then explore the site for other fun/useful items.